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Keim Mineral Paints

are natural, water-borne, liquid silicate paints which produce an extremely durable, colourfast, sustainable protective finish with high vapour permeability.  

Keim paints are breathable and can be used as an alternative to Limewash.

Keim paints form a chemical bond with the surface to which they are applied so can not flake or peel. 

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Keim Mineral Paints Harleston Norfolk Bungay Suffolk 

Keim Exterior Silicate Paint 

Keim Interior Silicate Paint 


Keim Interior Paints

  • Optil: a premium silicate paint suitable for all internal walls & Ceilings. Matt finish.
  • Ecosil-ME: Breathable & Anti condensation. Mould & fungi resistant. Mi-Nox effect reduces harmfull pollutants, including VOC's in the surrounding air.

Exterior Paints:

  • Soldalit: Multi purpose Exterior paint system. Breathable & Condensation resistant. UV resistant so does not fade.  
  • Royalan: Especially formulated to with stand harsher climatic conditions. 

 5 Reasons to use Keim Mineral Paints:

  •     Keim paints bond with the surface so do not flake, peel or blister
  •     Keim paints are breathable, water vapour permeable, anti condensation, algae & mould resistant.
  •     Keim use mineral based pigments, so will not fade with time and can be colour matched to almost any other colour.
  •     Keim paints are water based, VOC free, and environmentally friendly.
  •     Keim paints are economical and last up to three times longer than other finishes.


More Information and Tips for using Keim Paints


Keim Paints an overview:

The breathability of Keim Paints:

How to apply Keim paints:

How to prepare chalky surfaces:

How to repair small cracks and hide textural differences using Keim -


 Keim Interior Silicate Paint

 Keim Interior Silicate Paint

 Keim Exterior Silicate Paint


Universal Render System:

Keim Universal Render is a ready to use renovation and thin layer wall render, based on hydraulic lime and white cement with sand and mineral fibre fillers, for use on all mineral substrates, both interior and exterior.  Its composition enables the render to accommodate a high degree of movement, in particular due to thermal expansion and contraction, whilst at the same time preventing surface crazing and cracking.


Please contact us for more information about this unique product. 



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