Bespoke Larder and Pantry cupboards.


Storage Solutions

A larder cupboard is often just an ordinary cupboard given special consideration and a little unique arrangement to make it into something special.

A wall cupboard descending to the worktop works well with an aligned base unit to give a complete storage arrangement. The slim wall unit and deeper base unit will leave you with an important little strip of worktop allowing you to delve into the cupboard and retrieve what you will be using without having to juggle it all.

Separately manufactured spice racks are easily mounted to the inside of generous doors to store all those little containers and bottles. Internal shelving deliberately arranged give space to bread bins, appliances or other food stuffs.



If you have a place for it, you could opt for a free standing full height cupboard filled however you want. A tall larder cupboard means you could have 4 spice racks mounted on the doors to the top and bottom. A deep horizontal shelf deliberately placed halfway up will help divide the unit internally so it doesn’t feel too overwhelming.

For a general larder solution go for generous sized upper and lower units with internal shelving – shelf units are good value. For a more specific solution, add spice racks to the upper doors, internal drawers (if you know you need them) and consider a lower unit with internal shelving for baskets. If you only need one spice rack then choose which door to fit it to and have the internal shelves shaped only cut in on that side.


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Larder Cupboards

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